What’s My Mamanna? Well, it’s mine for starters, obviously. Mamanna is a mash-up of Mama (which I am) and Manna. Manna, according to the Exodus, was the food that randomly fell from the sky to feed the people. The word literally means, “What is it?”  For me, it represents my motherhood journey- what is it? What am I doing? I don’t really know, but it’s here, and God’s provisional.  Not perfect, just trying to do things with more intentionality. I’m not the gold standard, I’m just trying to keep pushing forward and trending up.



I’m Kelley Elly, and this is my journey on this whole “parenting and homeschooling” thing!  I’m a wife of 1 and a mother of 2.  I have a strong passion for literature, learning languages, and pie.  My goal for other parents is to learn that parenting and person-hood isn’t about being perfect; it’s about trending up.




Want to contact me? Send me an email at mymamanna@gmail.com